Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tibet's twentith Self immolation
 Rikdzin Dorje (nickname Rikpe) set himself ablaze and in critical condition, age 19, son of the Garpa
Tsongko household in division no.2 of Me'uruma township, Ngaba county.

According to Kyayang:

father is Tsongko and his mother is Dungkar. He was taken away from the site
of his protest by soldiers and police, first to the county hospital and
later to Barkham (Ngaba pref. capital). As of the night of the 8th he was
believed to be on the verge of death, but no clear information on whether he
is still alive is available.
Rikpe is the youngest of six children. He is a humble person, and when he
was a monk, he used to enjoy looking after pigeons. He is a kind person, and
was a hard and persistent worker. He was a Kirti monk when he was younger,
but left the monastery in 2010 and since then has been living at home. His
halfbrother Rabten came into exile and is presently studying at Kirti
monastery in exile.

In other news, on February 5th, the monks of the Se monastery near Ngaba
county led a candle lit protest march towards the town. They were stopped by
security forces before reaching, but managed to walk in procession around
the monastery. We have no information as to arrests being made.

Concerning security in Ngaba generally, Kirti monastery held the Monlam
Chenmo prayer festival Jan 25th-Feb 8th . About 400 police disguised as
government officials were staying in the monastery for the duration. Since
about the last 4 days the security clampdown tightened and Ngaba people were
arbitrarily searched, questioned and harrassed wherever they went ot
wherever they stayed. Then from the early morning of the 8th , not just in
Ngaba county town but on all the roads leading into town people were
stopped, searched and questioned one by one, the streets were filled with
army, police and special police, and local people were unable to move
Similarly strict security measures were in place at Se monastery, Andu
monastery, upper and lower, and Gomang monastery in upper Ngaba, where
Monlam Chenmo festival was also held, and monks and laypeople attending the
festival were severely harrassed and intimidated by security forces.

Losang Yeshe and Kanyag Tsering
Kirti monastery in exile
February 9th 2012

Kanyag Tsering

Kirti Monastery

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