Sunday, March 18, 2012

TYC event

Two heavyweights  of Tibetan freedom fighters were accorded a warm welcome reception on Saturday evening at a community center in Vienna,VA . The event was organized by the regional Capital area Tibetan Youth Congress. A drove of local Tibetan residents arrived to hear the speeches of Tendor and Tsundun with great anticipation. These two young activists have received an standing ovation as they were ushered in the room, where scores of Tibetan well-wishers, and their supporters patiently seated.

It is apparent, that these young men are examples of a true Tibetan activist, armed with modern education, instilled with courage and determination. They are the flagship carriers of  Tibetan struggle, especially with message of  independence (Tib:Rangzen) . What set them apart from other ordinary Tibetan is that these two people are actively serving, they are actively involved for the propagation of Tibetan causes.  Hence they receive  due recognition, admiration and appreciation of from their fellow Tibetans.

 During the Q & A session, an audience complimented the will, determination and commitment of the young activists, by recalling what Swami Vivikanda, a renowned Indian social reformers ones said

 " Give me four committed people and I will move the mountain". So by implying that if Tibetan people have more such dedicated,  and committed people  as these two, they too  could  move the mountain, or at least make a difference.

The president of Capital Area TYC, Ms. Lhadon humbly introduced the two guest speakers. Tenzin Tsuldon  broke the ice with a gentle sense of humor with his compatriots Tendor la, and began his address. It didn't seem that he has been given a specific topic to address. He was forth right and mince no words about asking  for donation for his regional office in Dharamsala.

His speech was on Tibetan activism in general and he rambled a little bit about this. He made a clear point of his active involvement in direct action protest  in India. He took ownership of the  Indian subcontinent, while Tenzin Dorjee is entrusted with Tibetan activities in the U.S.  What a beautiful delegation of common works.

In that sense the TYC and SFT are not competing but complementing each other. Their presence at the same venue, on the same table suggest their comradeship, friendship, unflinching partnership. They understood that united we stand, divided we fall. Tenzin Tsuldon is sincere in his message, but he needs to  be more forceful,  his Tibetan more refined and polished.  I believe he has fulfilled his purpose of  the talk. he spoke completely in Tibetan and that was typical of TYC members.

Tenzin Dorjee, was very articulate, and passionate and clear in his message of the nature of Tibetan struggle, and the roles individual people could play. He said that the students, could turn the classroom, the computer, the internet into a battle field, where every individuals and Tibetan supporters voice their protest against the CCP. He was inspiring, and he is very clear in what he is asking from the audience. He is right, every Tibetan needs to be equipped with the knowledge and education to fight with their enemy primarily, this is information war. Pen is mightier than sword, a parable that the Tibetan activists took to heart.

The session ended with a book signing of Tenzin's collection of essays and poems, and photo session. A big thump up for the fine work of the regional TYC, lead by a  young, energetic Lhadon la. Tsundun la announced the forging of partnership between the two regional TYCs, his in Dharamsala, known as the little Lhasa, and theirs in the  capital city of Washington D.C. The session  was informative and stimulating, another wonderful event that the  small team of Capital Area TYC have carved out from their busy schedule.  The session ended, but it ended with the beginning of the tale of  two cities.


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