Monday, February 7, 2011

Karmapa conundrum

Could the massive overhaul of stashed away cash in monastic residency of Karmapa is stage managed ? are the Indian authorities tipped off by a disgruntled party with ulterior motive ? Is this raid and the discovery of large chunk of cash from Karmapa's office  emerge to be the  iceberg of a bigger set up ? Would this crisis of  karmapa conundrum be a blessing in disguise?  There are more questions whirling around in our mind, than could possibly be answered.

The central government of Indian is probing into Karmapa,s source of foreign currency, including Chinese yuan.  and the legitimacy of land deal and cash possessions. Eventually the result of investigation could lead to two conclusions:
1. Karmapa has no connection with the Chinese authorities at all, and hence Indian government's suspicion of Karmapa will be cleared and that could pave his way to Rumten monastery in Skkimm, and greater freedom of movement for the wise young lama.


2. The Indian government found some suspicious activities of Karmapa that could not be independently verified, hence Indian government's determination to keep a lid on the young lama justified. And his future movement will further be restricted in the future.

The outpouring of support from Karmapa supporters and followers send a strong signal to the Indian governess the kind of influence the young Karmapa wield on his devotees. Karmapa's prominence and his stature as a learnt Tibetan scholar and leadership get a boost, by the voice that his followerers amplified to show their total dedication and devotion.  Such an undisputed allegiance to Karmapa has strengthened the unquestionable power of his religious and spiritual role.
Tibetan have expressed concern over this money crisis. I for one, see no reason for such a fuss.  As Karmapa says, the truth will come out, let the truth speak itself and we can remain calm and composed. 
The Newyork Times did an excellent piece on the Karmapa conundrum:

very interestedly, soon after my publication of this piece, a Tibetan scholar, Tsering Shakya wrote an article in Wallstreet Journal with the same title that I have given ,  here is the article
I dont say, he has copied it from me. But I am elated that I was the first in coming up the title.

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