Saturday, February 12, 2011

Third generation

A sense of camaraderie have been built among these young and third generation of Tibetans in exile. The sense of oneness and one voice and their desire to channelize their energy and time for a cause is completely voluntary act. They are taking parts in demonstrations to voice protest against Chinese leaders' recent visit to Washington D.C. These young Tibetans galvanize resources through fund raising for an awareness and for community activities for the run up to Kalachakra initiation in summer.  Out of the numerous activities under way coinciding  the Dalai Lama's Kalachakra is a basket ball tournament, with participants from Tibetan communities all over America.

Despite of  their daily chore of schooling , and works, they came together to plan and strategize their next movement for the greater cause of Tibet. These bright and young people belong to the recently formed Capital Area regional Tibetan Youth Congress.  The first executive members of the RTYC Washington chapter have successfully ended their two years terms in office.  The torch of freedom have been passed down to the hands of the second executive members.

 A fund raising com- office handover party was held on Saturday Feb 13. Seven executive board members were felicitated and offered Khata for good wishes by a veteran former member of TYC. At this well attended fund raising party, the dedication and commitment of these younger generations were complimented by a leading Tibetan in the community.

  Washington D.C regional chapter of Tibetan Youth Congress was formed in 2008 under aegis of RTYC of Newyork, New Jessey President. Local Tibetan families facilitated in jump starting the organization, by providing meeting place and other generous help. A bright, young and articulate Tibetan youth, Tenzin Dawa was entrusted with the role of leading the organization. Within years, not only the organization have held numerous events, it has flourished and they are self-reliant. The board members attended TYC international meeting in Toronto  and their  local memberships have doubled.  They have come on the scene not long ago, but they made their presence felt among Tibetan communities in capital areas.

What is interesting and praiseworthy is the creativity and the energy of these young men and young women. They have proven from time to time in doing big things. Washington RTYC indeed provides the platform for leadership skill  and professional experience in organizing, initiating and team works. These young people's dedication and commitment for the cause is exemplary. It is admirable that they put their heart and soul on such a noble cause and for a movement, rather than wasting endless hours on computer, video gaming or sat idly  in front of the idiot box; the usual pastime of many youth in the west. It is indeed true, idleness is a devil's workshop and without the opportunity for social interaction, involvement in the communities, these young  princelings may end up in a precipice.  Fortunately, the RTYC is the motivating force for the young people to hone their communication ,leadership,organizational and critical thinking skills. It is very likely that a future leader of the exile Tibetan may emerge from this group of youth. They have the potential.

Youth Congress is the known to be the largest Tibetan NGO, whose mission is to fight for complete independence. But all its members might not necessary ascribe to the same vision, "some join the organization, just for a purpose, but not necessarily support  complete Tibetan independence", explains one of the new executive members. 

The capital Area Tibetan Association members, should support their initiatives by participating in their fund raising and other events.  Such support is a support for the future cause of Tibet. Bravo for the third generation of Tibetan youth!!!

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