Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Memoir of A Tibetan Under the Chinese Rule

Noryang's sharing from the latest book discussion prompts me to reflect on the previous book discussion at my place. I believe, it is better late than never, so let me share you a synopsis of our discussion that took place couple months ago. I feel I owe it to you.

Khentsum la's "The Memoir of a Tibetan" is a fascinating account of one man's tryst with the Chinese rule. But his story is not isolated one man's story, rather Khentsum la's story represents the collective suf...fering and injustice that all Tibetan have gone through at the hand of Chinese. His narrative and portrayal of Tibetan prisoners' hardship in the various detention center are unbelievably horrifying. All those who read the book will agree that the Jew's suffering from the concentration camp in Hitler's Germany had more or less being replicated in Tibet under Chinese rule.
I can recall our discussion was meaningful with the loving presence of the author. He is a gray-haired man in his seventies who could still reminiscence vividly the defining moment of their lives under the most testing circumstances.
Khentsum la's memoir was published at the urge of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to share with a broader audience of the faithful account of all those individual who has experienced hellish suffering first hand in China occupied Tibet. This book would bear the testament of Tibetan people's undying spirit, and the will to survive amidst all those atrocities meted out by the aggressors.

The book discussion in the presence of the author was a real bridge of generational gap, as such the elder generation passing down their true story to the younger generation, by which the later is inspired to carry on their responsibilities and know their root.
Despite all those hardships he endured, the author is still alive in heal and hearty and bear testimonial for the unthinkable with no remorse and regret.
Khentsum la's willingness to spend an evening with us and to field questions from our members from the book was most fulfilling. He represents the quintessential of the finest Tibetan character and persona. It touches us to see him so unassuming, so gentle with a great sense of humility and considerate to the restlessness of us younger soul.
It is also noteworthy that the RFA feature program on that book discussion was well received by RFA listeners, with request and inquiry on where to get the book pours in.Here is a link to the program you can listen..…/dc-tibetan-book-club-disscusion-with-a…
So this ones a month book discussion has good impact and we need to keep it up...

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