Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Wolf & Sheep

A wolf caught up with a lamb after a chase. Delightfully, the wolf takes the sheep to home for a good meal. The helpless sheep find no ways to unleash from the clutch of the wolf. She thought to herself "I can not do anything now, other than going with the wolf. Obeying the aggressor is the best solution I can think of right now".

After passing half way through, the lamb saw a grove of trees nearby the road. After giving some thoughts, the meek sheep stopped in the middle of the way. Then the frightened sheep conjured a plan to save her life. With an idea in mind, the sheep humbly asked the wolf, that she is so hungry; and need to eat something. The wolf pondered over the entreat, and after some reflection thought "Anyway, you can not escape, so you can go ahead and eat something."  The lamb was very pleased with the wolf's giving green light and immediately run toward the trees and pretend to eat some fruits from the trees.  After some time, the lamb returned to the wolf and said, " the fruits are very delicious."

The wolf continued to proceed toward the destination and scheme to devour the lamb for a delicious square of a meal. The smart sheep, suddenly on the way whined for illness " Oh, my stomachs is unbearable painful. That fruit that I ate must be poisoned ."  Turning to the wolf the smart Lamb said " I can no longer bear my pain.  The only way to end my pain is to have you eaten me immediately". With that, the lamb offered herself to the wolf. The wolf hesitated on the offer, thinking that the situation is different now than it was before. The wolf came to the realization that if she eats the lamb, then she would also be affected by the poison injected in the sheep's stomach.

The wolf then lets go the lamb, stating what holds you back. The smart sheep quickly runs off briskly away from the wolf.  With intelligence and sweet tongue, the lamb saved herself from the death of jaw.

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