Saturday, September 12, 2015

"A love, pure love will never return void"

In this movie that I was watching while doing cycling at the gym, several couple stands up on a makeshift stage at a beach-side to share why they were married. All the couples tied the knot for over a decade, and they all go through life's many ups and downs.

 Particularly some of them are facing insurmountable obstacles, and that their relationship has reached the verge of collapse.  Amongst those couples who stand-ups to share their stories, everyone's story was very touching and moving that, make goose bump on them. The last couple who stand up to share the stories was an elderly couple, who have reached their life's final stage.  Even that old pair had a relationship that was marred with intrigue and romance and fiasco.
The old man's message to the rest of couple attending there was this " love, pure love will never return void".

I hope this wisdom will apply to another romantic love story that I have seen unfold in front of my eye.

A girl and boy developed a  friendship for over a year. Each one is treating the other in a special way. They both feel there is room for them in each other's heart.  However, this particular friendship never went beyond their normal friendly relations. After many nights of date and intimate conversations, both of them have not honestly articulated in what direction that their friendship should move.

The girl finds it weird that even after year's of intimate conversation and care for each other, the boy has not still indicated any clear sign of their future.  Except fostering a kind of usual friendship through the expression of concern, such as constant call and text in inquiring the girl's well-being, the boy has not made any advance to the girl. Even when he took her to his apartment, he slept on the sofa and her on his bed.

The girl finally determined to bring up the conservation with him in their relationship at a follow-up date. After a long night dinner date, they still could not touch on the subject matter, and again parted their ways after the boy took her to where she stays at friend's house. He returned to his apartment. 

The next day, at the insistence of the girl, they finally managed to have a conversation. Where the girl, expressed her desire for living together as a couple, or long for the boy and girl relationship. At that point, the boy told her, he never wish to get married in this life.  If he wants to, then he sees in her all the qualities of an exceptional woman.

This revelation devastated the girl, beyond belief. She cried and felt the world is upside down. The boy, wish to maintain a healthy friendship with her, as his best friend, no more and no less than that.

The poor girl's genuine love for the boy was not reciprocated. After that eventful night. The boy still tries to keep in touch with her, and at her threat of cutting off all communication, he earnestly requested against doing that.

This is a freaky weird love story, and I don't know if the wisdom that "love, a pure love will never return void" still valid in this case.  Will the boy ever come to his sense and reciprocate the girl's love eventually?

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