Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Experiental Learning Activities

I have been asked to write my observation of the Experiential Learning Activity conducted in my public speaking class by my good friend Dherindra Nablo belatedly. As I said at end of the 2 and half hours session last week , the activity have met my expectations of students interaction and involvement in appplying critical thinking theories to practice. And I believe the exercise exceedly achieved students learning goal by challenging their traditional way of thinking and teaching them to read between the lines and percieve things in a broad perspective  and at the same time it  was intellectually stimulating. If the strength of an activity is assessed based on their ability to engage the studentsby making it  interesting it to them and help the students to think. Then  I would give my hightest mark for it.  In the followings, I share my observation of the activity based on three broad areas: 1. The revelevancy of the activity to students learning, 2. The facilitator of activity, 3. The outcome of the exercise.


The Activity topic picked for that particular exercise was an excellent choice. It relates to students current learning of certain communication concepts and principles. We have been teaching  numerious communication principles such critical thinking,listening, perspective taking. The exerice was a demonstration of the theories we discussed in action. This helps students to think critically and one of the important lesson from the exercise is that "one of biggest problem of human communication is the assumption that our communication are always correct". As the activity unfold, the students original impression and perspection of the things they see in the picture are distorted or untrue. The exercise have kept the students on their feed thoroughout the session, which itself is a success, as usually it is not an easy to have the student's undivided attention on the topic. The activity is relevant to students of all major from its educative worthiness.


Mr. Dhirendra would do a very effective instructor. It reflected from his conduct of the exercise in my class. He is thoroughly prepared and the activity is well organized and systematic. With good organization of exercise, comes greater comprehension on the part of teacher and also for the students to make sense out of it. The speed at which he facilitated the activity was appropriate. His explanations of the directions of the activity was clear and meaningful. The students are allowed plenty of time to interact and ask questions. Mr. Dhirendra gave equal opportunity and allowed everyone to share their opinions and views on the topic. He was encouraging in his comments /feedback to students reactions to the activity. He was friendly and at the same authoritative when need arises. His encouragement of participation from all students in the exercise lead to a wider and more inclusive intereaction. His directions on the activity reflects clarity of thoughts and his explanations of the concepts related to the exercise reflects intellectual scholarships.
The facilatitor has fully accomplished his responsiblity as an instructor.  While commending on his s strength, it is also desireable to point out some of the minor glitches during the conducation of the exercise. Such as giving specific instructions on the expectation of the exercise. And also regulating the students when they get off the track. The debriefing part of of the story needs to be articulated.


The best assesment of class activity is based on students outcome. I have witnessed that the students have learnt a great deal from it. As stated in  their eassy , students said that they find it interesting and engaging.  As the saying goes, it is easier to say than do it. The communication theories and activity taught in class would be useless, if students have no way to apply it.  But giving the spirited participation by the students, I am pretty certain that it has generated much needed critical thinking and improved their learning skills.

So over all, the exercise was worthwhile to try on students who are studying critical thinking and who needs some interesting and engaging class activity. One of the best measurement of education, is the students ability to think for themselve. and The Vulture and Boy case study generated plenty of interesting debate and discussion. Which might be the outcome of the such learning activity.

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