Monday, February 18, 2013

Physical Fitness

Today I reenrolled in Xsport gym membership after three years lapses. Yes I was a member for few months in 2009 and couldnt keep up and cancelled membership. The reason for my neglect in physical fitness is nothing else than the usual family obligations and other work related hectics that kept me at bay from physical activities. Now the storm is passed, my family is bouncing back to norma life. And I need to get back to shape.  One month holiday in Nepal, gained me 2 extra pounds.  The belly is growing enormous and it is pretty a sight.  So Thanks to a  friend's referral, I got a decent deal to enroll a monthly basis membership.  Which started today, and I fully used it with a terrific workout, including several lap of in the swimming pool. 

So here is the reasons that I get back to my gym membership.
1. Xsport provides an excellent , convenient schedule or it opens 24/7 hours that makes it very easy for me to come anytime not like the OakMarr community, which opens late and closes early. Doesnt work with my time, even it is much closer to my home.
2. My weight gain needs to be curtailed to prevent any further irrovocal self damage to my physical health, and for the overall wellbeings, I need to shed the extra pound.
3.  For my own self esteem, the physical fitness is crucial. I need to have a sound physical health to do some heavy lighting brain works like writing.
4. My working habit at home is not healthy.  I need to be at a public place to do better with workout and needs to be more self disciplined.
5. Xsport internet access is an excellent opportunity for me to blog.  I recall that I have blogged a lot when I was a member before. As my mind is so fresh and alert and creative, just after a nice cool workout.
6. The reason reason to join the gym is yes I do have time to go there now, while my family is away.  I am a free bird and I need to use my time fruitfully and productively. I know ones my family is back , my time to do what I like will not be easily available. I had to adjust my time for the welfare and happiness and activities of my kids and family. So why not enjoy when I am all to myself.

So it begins today, Feb 18, on President's Day. I will be coming to the gym regularly and will be blogging continuously , there is no shortage of topics to write.
Now I got to run off, for I have another commitment today at 7:00pm.  Keeping busy is blessing..


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ashleen said...

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