Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tibetan spirit in self immolation

It is no exaggeration to say Tibet is at war. It is an ongoing  fight against authoritarian  repression since the onset of 2008 Tibetan uprising. The spirit of Tibetan people is soaring and the seventeen self immolation  incidents since 2009 is testament of Tibetan people's resolute to fight for their cause. The ultimate self sacrifice of those great Tibetan souls is a defining moment of Tibetan people's aspiration for freedom. The self immolation has opened a new chapter in Tibetan people's struggle for freedom. The self immolation of the seventeen Tibetan truly reflects  Gandhi's mantra of "do or die".

The will to struggle despite of insurmountable challenges.

A peaceful war is waged against the Chinese authoritarian regime to free the Tibetan from the shackle of oppression. It is a peaceful and most extreme form of non violence campaign which has so far produced  12 causalities on The Tibetan sides and not a knuckle on the oppressor leaving  along to shed Chinese blood. To draw a bad comparison these 17 Tibetans' spirit and courage is capable of unimaginable destruction and bloodshed. Instead they chose not to harm any innocent people and not even the oppressors is in strict observance of nonviolence principles. Like Gandhi would never allow his wife and himself to be given any meat even if the denial meant their death. Rarely in any nation's struggle for freedom has witnessed such continuous attempts of self immolation as in Tibet. Tibetans in and outside have accorded their highest respect and honor for the heroic deed. Like any other great sacrifices who offered their selflessness for an ideal and worthy cause, the self immolation attempts draw to achieve such fulfillment as Tibetan people's angst for their spiritual leader's return  and freedom, thereby their action attained them martyrdom.

Tibetan resolute:

Kalon Tripa, Dr. Lobsang Sangay was quoted by media as saying soon after his inauguration  that the Tibetan spirit inside Tibet is stronger than the people's liberation army. The Dalai Lama said to BBC the self immolation are courageous act,but what is the effect. As the cliche goes where there is a will there is a way. The unwavering will of Tibetan people through the self immolation and other form  epitomizes the Tibetan people's dogged determination and  rare resolute not to buckle under Comie's repression and crackdown.  There cant be anything else that illustrates such resolute than the ultimate self sacrifice. The people are fully aware of the consequence of self immolation. It is premeditated, and calculated and well thought political protest against the Chinese government by sensible people by their unfathomable courage. It maybe a copycat, and searing spirit. it is reported that one of the nuns Palden Choezom who has succumbed to self immolation has kept a list of those who attempted self immolation. The latest self immolation victim, reincarnate and Turku Sopa has written in his leaflet to dedicate his sacrifice to those earlier attempts and the deceased. If the majority of the Tibetan people has a pinch of  their will and courage and self awareness, then the  fruit of struggle would be reaped much easier and fast.
At address to Uropean The united front deputy chair Zhu Wu Chi when addressing Europen official, and journalist said "The self immolation incident occurred at four monasteries; Tibet and other Tibetan inhabited areas have a total of 3452 monasteries, with 140000 clergy; therefore the Dalai's clique claim that the entire Tibetan inhibated areas were on fire was entirely groundless" he further most monasteries did not indulge in such incident rather they have denounced. But the fact is self immolation and protest spread to other parts of Tibetan inhibated areas by now including Chamdo in TAR and Qinghai. Besides Zhu said the self immolation incident will not change China's policy on Tibet.
Those people who have self immolated have not done so for the hope of immediate breakthrough and change of China's mind. These brave souls have led the ;ath  to freedom and demonstrated the unflagging courage of Tibetan people. The Chinese will not change their policy on Tibet and the Tibetans will not change their protestation against that policy. As Richard gere was recently quoted,  the Chinese regime has to murder all Tibetans to change them.  Human spirit and strong yearning for freedom and truth will triumph against brutal force that the Chinese are so relied to quell any oppositions.

The principled campaign:  Through their political protests and slogans, it is discernible the raising awareness of Tibetan people for their human rights. Their slogans are and protest arerealistic and practical in tone with the PRC constitution. Tibetan inside took the lead and they have launched a principled campaign for freedom and people's aspiration. Their protest are peaceful, disciplined and well planned echoing unified demands for the return of Dalai lama and more freedom for Tibet. Despite of insurmountable challenges the struggle face, there is much room for optimism and hopefulness.  The Chinese are wary of the Tibetans in the Amdo and Kham, they have assessed the courage of the these people during earlier resistance after Chinese occupation, therefore the Chinese government have been crackdown on those people, while the central Tibet is relatively relaxed. The self immolates have drunk kerosene, and they have intended to give up their lives with doubt. The Chinese contended that the self immolation is incited and advocated by Tibetan groups. However, as the saying goes, you can take a horse to water, but you cannt make it drink. It is a outlandish lies and statement. The self immolations are never encouraged and it has been completely voluntarily, and notes have been left as their testament, or


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