Monday, January 23, 2012

protestors shot in Drango

Thousands of Tibetan took part in protest and at least three people were shot dead and numbers of them were injured after Chinese crackdown.

On Monday morning,

Around 3 to 4 thousands of Tibetan people gathered in Drango County and shouted slogans such as “Free Tibet” “return of Dalai Lama to Tibet”. They were carrying Tibetan traditional scarf, Karta, on top of sticks.

According to an exiled monk Yeshi Sangpo,from Tibet, “It was Chinese New Year today, but thousands of Tibetan protested in the wake of some threatening self immolation in Drango,but the source did not witness any self immolations. There was huge protest rally joined by thousands of Tibetan lay people. When the protesters were reaching in front of the local Chinese police, then the police shot fire. The armed Chinese police have used tear gas and fired shoot at protesters around 2:30PM, three of them were killed on the spot and while two other sustained injures to their legs. The protest started in the morning and it continues at the time of reporting it was 3:30PM in Tibet. The Tibetan protestors have done serious damages, and destroyed Chinese shops and other Chinese outlets in the area.

Our second source , a monk from kham Drango ,who took part in the protest said.

“one protestor was killed and about 30 people injured and 5 of them very seriously in the protest. The protest began around 9:30am in the morning of Jan 23, at a cross road and then it spread. We shouted slogans calling for Long Live His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Freedom for Tibet and the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet,. When we reached the police station, they fired automatic weapons at the protestors. The Chinese police have also used fire fighters, tear gas to disperse the crowd. Yonten, a layman was killed on the spot and his body was brought to Drango monastery. Another 32 people were injured are kept at the Dongo monastery, 5 of them were in serious condition. Many other protestors injured were taken away by their relatives to provide them shelter.

Another source told our reporter, “hundreds of Tibetan were arrested ensuing the protest, Tibetan from Tawu county have come to join the protest in Drango.

Chinese website confirmed the death of one protester

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