Thursday, November 3, 2011

Second nuns self immolated

selfless act of self immolation,

Mr Jingpa from Dharamsala, who had contacts with the locals in Tawa county in Tibet spoke to RFA.

“As of now a joint prayers session were organized at the Tawu Nyitso monastery with participants from few other nunneries including Dakar nunnery. After the nun’s self immolation, thousands of local Tibetan gathered at Tawu market areas and shouted slogans such as long live the Dalai Lama, before proceeding to Nyitso monastery. The monastery has now been besieged by local Tibetans. The police and military forces have also been stationed around the monastery and nunnery. The officials of the monastery and nunnery have been summoned to the police station. The reasons for why they are called to police station are unclear”.

“a Tibetan nun from the Darkar Choeling in Tawu has set herself alight around 12:30 pm, on November 03.

She has swollen and doused herself with kerosene before setting herself alight. She was shouting “long live his Holiness the dalai Lama, Free Tibet, Dalai Lama return to Tibet.

In about minute she fell to the ground, but then she rose up and shouted again with hands clasp. Her entire body was engulfed with fire, and flames shooting out of her mouth, her slogans become inaudible. It took her about few minutes before she fell to the ground again and succumbed to the burns. The self immolation took place at the same place, where Tsewang Norbu (a monk from Nyitso monastery has self immolated). Soon after the nun self immolated and dead, local police swooped at the scene and attempted to take possession of the dead body, but then the Tibetan masses at the scene shouted against the police and brought the corpse to Tawu Nyitso monastery and kept in the prayer hall.

Paden Choezom hails from Dongchen village in Tawu, she is 35 years old, her father’s name is Chongney, and mother’s name is Yama Choedon.

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