Friday, November 25, 2011

Girl in Translation

My curiosity was piqued by my wife's interest for the debute novel "Girl in Translation" by Jean Kwok. More information available at author's blogsite Choekyi finished reading it in a couple of days: something I couldn't believe and been testing her throughout my own reading on the character plot, event and story. She has amazingly recalled all with great clarity and my doubt of her complete reading of the novel was put to rest. My dear wife hardly recommend me to read any book, but this recommendation was outstanding.
As she was flipping through some magazine, and then suddenly, her eye fell upon this novel. She immediately handed over the title and asked to bring it for her reading.  I dropped at the NVCC library, and without  much effort, located this book and borrowed for Choekyi's reading.   Choekyi was indeed absorbed in this book and turned its last page in a couple of day. I took it from her and began thus my reading of the novel.   It is so gripping and down to earth , simple and yet so true. The novel turned out to be a "semi-autobiography". As an immigrant myself, I told Choekyi and this novel inspired me to write a novel about my own life. She retorted as usual " You are abnormal". She was not at all interested on what I said, but I went on " I can relate myself so much and in so many ways to the character in the novel. There wasnt anything extraordinary stuff in the novel. As a matter of fact, my own life has been more eventful, more adventurous and more colourful to than  the protagonist Kimberly. My life story may contain much more interesting, intriguing and more suspense than what I have read in the novel.  This debute novel  is well written, and the each characters are well defined. if I had the knack or flair for writing a novel, then I dont have to work hard to create plot for my novel. If I go on and tell my own story honestly and truthfully, then the plot is already in placed in the story.
In terms of substance, my own is a story of chasing American dream by overcoming all life's odd and obstacle.  I even suggested her that the title of my book will be " The Tale of Four Brothers".
Tibet faced its tragedy, and its people are scattered all over the world.  Many of them have interesting tales to tell, rug to riches type or about culture assimilation, loneliness, hope, separation, death, regret, anger, helplessness. hard-work, perseverance, struggle, jealousy, adjustment, adaptation, guilt, redemption and honour so on. 

Besides, a novel written in English can be an every effective way to promote Tibetan people's cause. A great tool to reach across boundary and culture barrier and ethnicity. I long to see a exiled Tibetan novel. It is high time that the world should see one from a Tibetan writer.

Girl in Translation is a mesmerizing novel. It was in the Newyork Times Best Selling List and why the novel has become such a hit is simply, it is intriguing, humane, and reflects reality in America. Tt is a story of loves, dream and poverty, perseverance, wit and wisdom. I recommend it to young people who have reached at  crossroad of their life and not knowing which direction to move. 

The novel teaches you the virtue of handwork, the god of small things, and the beauty of brain, and the potential of people.

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