Sunday, November 6, 2011

daring self immolatioon

Palden Choezom’s body was cremated at the same spot in Nyitso monastery, where early Tsewang Norbu’s body was cremated around 5 am on November 6,2011.
A high level Chinese official from Gandze prefecture accompanied with few others have come to Nyitso monastery and ordered the body be cremated. For the official complained it is drawing attention from the crowd. But Tibetan protested against such decree saying that to keep the body for three days is a Tibetan custom that have not violated the Chinese law, which led to postponement of cremation until 6th. Nov. The Chinese officials order that the cremation should be done before dawn on 6th of Nov, to which the monks have not accepted.  Around 1000 monks and nuns have gathered in Tawu Nyitso monastery, and they were enraged and showing apparent sign of desperation, they are not willing to follow the Chinese official order. The outer courtyard of Nyitso monastery is filled with lay people. Representatives from other major monasteries in kham such as from Dangon, Kandze, Sethar, and Lithang monasteries etc have arrived to show their solidarity and support for the late nun. Unprecedented numbers of people have converged in Tawu to show their support and consolation for the deceased.
Former political prisoner Lobsang Jingpa said Nyitso monastery is surrounded by Chinese police and armed force were parading in street in a show of force and intimidation.  Armed police forces were taking position at old cinema hall adjacent to the monastery but they are not coming out.

The nun self immolated on Nov 3rd. since then the body was brought to Nyitso monastery and kept there, while the monks held prayers said a former political prisoner Tawu Jingpa who contacted with local resident in Tawu county.
The nun has a picture of the Dalai Lama and Karmapa under her hat, which was not burned.

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