Saturday, October 22, 2011

Crying for Freedom

What has driven the peaceful and pious monks and nun to take such drastic step of burning themselves in protest against the Chinese rule in Tibet? How far such frustration, and desperation are representatives of the entire Tibetan populace? There are more such questions in our mind than we can find answers to them. In any movement or struggle, there are emerging leaders for revolutionary movement. The fiery self -sacrifices  of these nine-Tibetan youth since March this year showed a new tactic  and new leadership in fight for the Tibet cause. it  might become a triggering point in a new kind of campaign against the Chinese rules that cost lives. That deviates somewhat to our principles of nonviolence and peaceful movement.

 Each time the news of another burning reached the outside world, Tibetan in exiles are tinged with sadness and remorse. Prayers are said, and protests are held to amplifying the Tibetans crying for freedom.
is that all Tibetans in exile could do to solute the ultimate sacrifices of the these young patriots?  For they have given their lives for ours.

A group of Tibetan will be meeting today to mull over the possibilities and feasibility of what Tibetan diaspora
could do to serve the wishes and aspirations of the perished and alive heroes of our time.  At the same time, they are stunningly curious to understand the underlying angst of their courageous actions. 

I will dwell on the issues of what exile Tibetan can do to pay a fitting tribute to our contemporary freedom fighters, and I will keep mum on what drove them to end their own precious lives, for me it is obvious and besides articles after articles have already  attempted to answer that questions.

There are covet and uncoveted  ways to  memorialize their sacrifices:

1. Send a clear  and unambiguous message for appreciation and support for their sacrifices (press release)
    like Kashag statement read "our brothers and sisters in Tibet, we stand with you in solidarity for achievement of our common aspirations for a free Tibet"

2. Be their spokesperson for the international community including one tactic as suggested by JN

3. Set up a Memorial Fund through donations.

4.Set up scholarship in thier memory (through fund raise)

5. Helping the family members of the victims (appropriate, and feasibility?)

6. Obituary articles for deceased in major newspaper.

7. Observe all necessary traditional rituals for the deceased including the 49th through community organize.

8. Each incident in Tibet should be echoed through a loud protest against the Chinese embassies.

9. Make big new posters/banners to further express those slogans that the self immolates have raised such as
"Let the Dalai Lama return to Tibet". "Freedom for Tibet" etc. "Long live the Dalai lama".

10. Pass on their story of sheer sacrifice to future posterity :compile report and photo of all those who self immolated and bring out a book (or  make and support for such an endeavor)

11. Essay contest for Tibetan students on the theme of self immolation and award the winner on March 10th.

Through these actions and activities, we clearly demonstrate our full support for the sacrifice that they have made today for our tommarrow.


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