Saturday, April 16, 2011

Decision points

Soon after he left office, the 43rd former president of United State started to write his memoir" Decions Points". Running over 481 pages, the book is a great achievement for the president in laying out his legacy for the posterity. What a fine and phenomenal feat George W, Bush has crafted. My prospective of George W,Bush has been changed by the great insights on Bush illuminated in  book. Consequently I  respect him as a man of faith, and great integrity. His Dad wrote to him quoting " I love you more than tongue can tell".

On the chapter under Freedom Agenda, he has proudly scripted of his five time meeting with  His Holiness the Dalai Lama and being the first U.S president appearing with Dalai Lama in public. He shared with Hu that he was planning to attend the ceremony where the Dalai Lama would recieve the Congressional Gold Medal.  He told China's leaders they should not fear him . "This is not meant as a slap at China", Bush said "but as a measure of my respect for the Dalai lama and for the U.S congress", for he was a strong belief in religious freedom. Presuemablly Hu replied that this is a politically sensitive issue in China, " will draw very strong reaction from the Chinese people". Bush rightly pointed out China wants stability, we want freedom.

Bush wrote that he found that the Dalai Lama to be a "Charming, peaceful man" whom Chinese leaders should embrace.  I recall that His Holiness said that he "loved" Bush, for he is straightforward and honest.

Courageous, candid, cunning, comical and contemplative, curious , conscioustious would be my abjectives to describe Bush.   I feel elated for having read this wellwritten great book. At times, Bush's sense of humor have strewn over the pages. Any events that come to his desk, he dealt it with the best interest of American people. He weighed each issues with its pros and cons and he regreted not of any decision that he delivered upon careful thoughts. The job of an American president is mindblogging, especially Bush had faced many national crisis during his presidency. Yet he handled them deftly and swiftly and carefully. I know the media pundits, have badmouthed Bush excessively, and his approval rating has plunged in the final years in white house.   But I have no doubt, read this book, and it will turn the tide, the books is a testament of Bush's sterling record as a great president, who steward America at times of great upheaval and crisis.

Bush was a very pragmatic and pratical person, as he wrote "let my actions send the messages". He is not that a gifted speaker as the current president Obama. But Bush is a man of a principle and god fearing. he belivers strongly that action speaks lounder than words and he practised it during his presidency. One of his favourite Bible verse for politicians Mathew 7:3-"Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye"?

His memoir provides excellent insights on leadership, family value, religious faith and political ambitious. In the the first chapter, Bush wrote about his drinking habit and how he kicked the habit. He has beautifully summised his determination that was fueld by faith "I would not have quit drinking without faith. I also dont think my faith could be as strong if I hadnt quit drinking. I believe God helped open my eyes,which were closing because of booze"  and Bush always felt he had a special connection to the words of "Amazing Grace" :" I Once was lost, but now am found/ was blind, but now I see".

The power of words has been fully revealed on the pages of "Decision Points", it has established the Bush cow boy as a family guy, friendly and funny.  It is a must read for any one who is interested in humanity and humility.   This phenomenal memoir openned my unsatiated desire to know and read more other political memoirs, as Bush family has two other best seller by Laura and his daugher Jena. I have spent over 20$ to purchase the book and it was most fulfilling investment for me.

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