Sunday, March 20, 2011

Horror and Hope

A Tibetan documentary film titled "Horror And Hope"was released,coinciding one year  anniversary of the deadly Jyekundo earth quake.

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The documentary chronicles the rescue efforts by all those came to assist aftermath of the earthquake,was produced by a local Jyekundo resident. While the film was distributing and circulating in shops, the Chinese government has banned it.

As the Tibetan prayers in solidarity and remembrance of the victims of Jyekundo earth quake, a Tibetan monk have released and distributed a documentary film in memory for the Jykundo earth victem on March 10th. As the documentary film gaining its popularity among the Tibetan viewers, the Chinese government have confiscated hundreds of DVD copy from three shops that sell them in Jykundo.

Chinese officials have also  confiscated three thousand DVDs from a monk’s quarter, along with  his computer, Thangkars and household items, said a source from Tibet.

Also in Kham Nanchen, around hundred of DVD of the documentary  were confiscated from two shops, and even  DVD of the film from  buyers hand were  also confiscated.

In Jyekundo,a  local restaurant was fined, for screening the  film , and their DVD players, projector  have been confiscated.

According to Chinese government's explanation,  the raid  has been carried out as the documentary film maker didnt obtain permission from the relevant departments for the distribution of the film.

In March, security has been tighten up in Kham Jyekundo.

Emerging Tibetan complainers/petitioners  for the Chinese reconstruction plans in the quake sites , have been silenced through intimidation.

The documentary film “hope in horror” has seven parts. The local residents believe , the film has no political significance or content and nor any nationalistic  sentiment portrayed.

The film chronicles the rescue effort for the quake victims, and it was a gesture of gratitude for the Tibetan people from the three provinces for their solidarity at the time of suffering. The documentary have  also urged the unity of the three province of Tibetan in fulfilling their future task.

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