Friday, December 3, 2010

21st Century Monk

His Holiness the Dalai Lama urges Tibetan monks to  be  a monk of the 21st century . I believe no one represent this call more better than venerable Lobsang Moelam, who is the opineer of Moelam Tibetan online dictionary, and many Tibetan scripts.

Ven Moelam introduced his on going Tibetan language projects, and his future plan at a meeting in Washington earlier on Tuesday. Listening and seeing all that he has accomplished in the field of Tibetan language digitization  is fascinating, and heart warming. The prospect of Tibetan language has reached a cross road, and this generation of Tibetan in exile has immense responsibility of historical porpotion. Moelam's emergence in revolutionzing the use of Tibetan language in digital tool is timely. A small step for him, but a giant step for the survival of Tibetan language.

Moelam is  dedicated in promoting and perserving the Tibetan language, in the most viable option, that is digitizing  Tibetan language and make it convinient to use in any available new digital tool including, I phone.  I believe the Tibetan language will survive and thrive, if it catch up with the pace of modernity, and growing new technology in communication. Moelam strives to fill in the void that Tibetan language suffered, due to its traditional approach and backwardness in keeping pace with the modern technology.   
Moelam Tibetan online dictioary appears to be very impressive and this dictionary is distributed free of cost, his dictionary can be downloaded from his website.

each of us Tibetan has a responsiblity of perserving the Tibetan language, and the least thing we can do is as urged by Moelam, to use his newly  launched  Molam dictionary in our daily translation and writing reports in Tibetan.   Moelam has initiated  and shown us the possibility and all Tibetan should follow it, together we work, so  the perseveration of Tibetan language and its survival is not  a distant dream but a immediate reality. Moelam has evelated the Tibetan language status , making it useable in through digital tools.
Moelam is very modest monk, simple living, high thinking and his motivation for his project seems very genuine. He is truly a monk of the 21st century.

Moelam has pioneered such a critical software, and without a formal education, this is truly breathtaking . I sincerely hope Moelam's genius be passed down to his fellow monks too.

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