Thursday, November 18, 2010

The rainmaker

What is my reflections on reading John Grisham's "Rainmaker" ?I feel like having watched a movie and was totally engrossed in every actions and deliberations of the drama unfolding in front of my eyes. I have a perfect understanding of the character's emotions, intelligence, and the inner struggle. Grisham's portrayal of the main protagonists are very striking and powerful. Some of the events and personalities could have resemblances to real life occurrence.
  I was there along with Rudy Baylor right from  the beginning of his encounter with some seniors at a seniors assistance living. As the plot thickens and the suspense builds on, the book becomes irresistible. I flipped pages after pages on my ride in the metro to and from work. What attracts me is the  blend of romance,adventure, and  rogue insurance companies,and of course the climax is  happy ending. It would be a perfect action movie scripts. As few of his books are adapted in movie, this one has all the Hollywood-hungry  sleazy stuff.

What did I like about the book and what I didn't like it?
I like the book is an easy reading and it is a thriller. It is fast paced, and a good story that appeals to modern day situations.The author is surely a good story teller, and his plots are simply and solid. it is easy to follow and nothing is complicated.  John Grasham is a resident of Virginia, and I have sense of affinity to him,since myself is a also a resident of this state. America is known to be a litigious society and this novel is centred on bad faith case, and a mega trial, which brings down to knee an formidable insurance company. As a person like me have much interest and like in the functionary of laws and legality and liability, this fiction gives much insight into the complexity of American lawsuit,trial and triumph. America is a land ruled by laws, and the down trodden can easily seek for redress for any wrongdoing inflicted on them. The theme of the book is justice, simplicity, greed, and redemption with twist.  Usually when I read a book, I mark pages for beautiful quotes and poetic expression. But I have come across only one meaningful lines in the book and the rest is forgotten. The fiction has no literary value. It is entertains your sense not your soul.  It doesn't enrich your  noble thoughts.
What did I get out of this book?  I have imbued with general knowledge of the court order, and the procedural trial and injunction. Learning those legal concepts and procedural rules for a trial is enlightening in its own way. I have learned to contact a lawyer for case consultation, and it refreshed my knowledge on constitutional and communication laws that I took in college. it kept me busy and I tend to look forward to finish the book, thus while away my time productively. 

Should I recommend this book to any other person?  I recommend this novel to people, who likes light reading, and not serious philosophical staff, but down to -earth  and  mundane subject. Person who has a flair for law and the court, trial and case. Anyone who is interested to further their knowledge on my lawsuit and trial.  Sometimes such book is indeed required to help us relax and relief from daily stress and chore.  

My conclusion.

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